Preschool Policies

Below are policies specific to our preschool (KinderPrep 3 and 4, as well as Kindergarten).

Food Choking Hazards

When providing food for preschool students, please remember to provide food that is cut up in bite size pieces if they are foods that pose a choking hazard such as grapes, hot dogs, etc. Be aware that large marshmallows may also be a choking hazard.

Student/Teacher Ratio

For 3 year olds, the student/teacher ratio is 1:15 up to 15 students.
For 4 year olds, the student/teacher ratio is 1:18 up to 18 students.
For Kindergarten, the student/teacher ratio is 1:22 up to 22 students.

Nap Time

A nap/rest time will be given every afternoon for a minimum of 30 minutes. Each student will have their own mat which will be cleaned daily after use.

Backpacks, supplies, and textbooks are purchased by the school. Each student will be assessed a book/supply fee to cover these supplies and textbooks for the year. Supplies may not be brought from home unless specified by the teacher. Textbooks must be replaced by the student if lost or damaged.

No toys are allowed at school, unless it is for a designated “Show and Tell” day.