Each student should bring his/her lunch every day, unless a hot lunch is provided for a nominal fee.

  • There will be no carbonated drinks or candy for lunch.
  • Parents are responsible for taking appropriate measures for maintaining safe food temperature.
  • Lunches should be with the student 30 minutes prior to the scheduled lunch in the cafeteria.

Parents are invited to eat lunch with their students during their class’ lunch period. Parents also have the opportunity to volunteer to help serve lunch. Please contact the Public Relations Coordinator to volunteer.

Off Campus Lunch

If a parent occasionally chooses to take the student out or home for lunch, please inform the teacher by a note prior to the lunch period, or leave a message in the office. Students should be signed in/out through the office when leaving campus for lunch.

Please pick up the student promptly at the beginning of the lunch period, and no other time, to minimize confusion. If there are excessive tardies after the lunch period, this privilege will be terminated.