Jr. High Policies

Below are policies specific to the Jr. High, which includes grades 6, 7, and 8.

Tardy Policy when Changing Classes

Promptness is essential for well-ordered classes. Parents should see that their children arrive on time. Students are tardy after 8:00 a.m. Tardies are recorded by the bells. On the third day of the third unexcused tardy for the semester, the parent will receive a fine of $15. For each additional tardy thereafter, the fine will increase in increments of $5. Example, 4th tardy – $20, 5th tardy – $25, 6th tardy – $30, etc. Tardies will start over each semester. 

Jr High students will have 3 minutes in between classes. This should be plenty of time to gather belongings from lockers and get to the next class on time.

Students may get permission from teachers if they feel they need a little longer in the restroom. This must happen previously to the beginning of class, and it must not become an issue by being late to every class.

If students accumulate more than 5 tardies in a semester, an assignment will be given that focuses on the promptness and responsibility of being time. Tardies may also be given if a student has to leave class to get something from their locker that was part of their supplies or books they were to bring to class.


Each Jr High student is provided with a metal locker to store books and personal belongings. It is understood that the student does not “own” the locker, but uses it on loan from the school. Each student is responsible to maintain the locker in a neat, clean, and orderly fashion.

Lockers are issued to students in grades 6-8 for use throughout the school year. Each student should secure their textbooks/personal items in their designated locker and not use hallways for storage. No graffiti or inappropriate signs or pictures are permitted inside or outside the locker. Lockers should be cleaned periodically. Students should use their lockers for storing books rather than leaving them in desks or other places where they can be lost. 

The administration and teachers reserve the right to check lockers at any time. Locks are not required for lockers. If a student chooses to use a combination lock, the locker combination must be submitted to the homeroom teacher before a combination lock may be used.


PE/Athletics Attire

All Junior High students are required to wear long black basketball shorts (no running shorts, yoga pants, etc.) no shorter than fingertip length, gray PE t-shirt, and athletic shoes. Points will be deducted from their grade and students will not be allowed to participate in PE if proper attire is not worn. During cold weather, sweat pants may be worn to PE, but not during the class time.

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