2023- 2024 Tuition Rates and Fees

Our Board and Administration are committed to providing an excellent Christian education, while keeping tuition as low as possible. We believe in the value of our ministry and work – having seen the results over the last 25 years. Our staff is called to pour into students, helping them grow academically, personally, and spiritually.

Application/Enrollment Fee

  • On or before May 31st:      $100.00
  • After May 31st:                   $150.00

Book/Supply Fee – Must be paid in full by August 1st

This covers the cost of all school supplies, books, and software that students will need for the year. Instead of sending home a list of school supplies for you to purchase, we buy in bulk to get the best rates!

  • Kinder-Prep:                      $270.00
  • Kindergarten:                    $470.00
  • 1st-8th Grade:                   $570.00

Tuition Rates

Families have the option of paying tuition in full at the beginning of the year, by semester, or monthly. We offer a 10% discount for paying tuition in full prior to the start of school, and 5% discount if paying by semester. 2023-2024 tuition costs, with those discounts applied, are listed below.

                                                If Paid Yearly                By Semester           Monthly (10 payments)     

PreK3 and PreK4 –            $4,050.00                       $2,137.50                 $450 ($4,500)
Base tuition rate, before discounts: $4,500; Same tuition rate for full or half day attendance. 

Kindergarten –                  $4,050.00                      $2,137.50                 $450 ($4,500)
Base tuition rate, before discounts: $4,500

1st-8th Grade –                 $4,275.00                         $2,256.25              $475 ($4,750)
Base tuition rate, before discounts: $4,750

Multi-Student Discounts

  • 2nd Student:    5%
  • 3rd Student:    10%
  • 4th and subsequent students:  15%


DCA believes in a great Christian education for all – and we are pleased to offer financial assistance to qualifying families. Applications for scholarships can be completed here. Scholarship applications will be open starting April 1, and they are due by May 31st.