Extracurricular Policies

Field Trips

Classes take trips to interesting and educational places from time to time as a vital part of the instructional program. Small fees may be charged to cover expenses. Before students may go on field trips, parents must sign the Field Trip Release Form that is signed as part of registration. All parents will be notified in advance of any trips or any time a teacher will take students off campus. At the end of the year, an AR (accelerated reader) trip is planned as a reward for all students making their percentage (85%) and point goals for 3 out of 4 nine weeks. If a student is coming in to our school as a new student at any time after the first nine weeks, then the number of times that the student will need to meet their goal will be determined by the teacher and administrator, and then communicated to the parents and student.

Extracurricular Activities

DCA offers opportunities to participate in activities outside the academic classroom. This includes but is not limited to ACSI events such as Spelling Bee, Speech Meet, Math Olympics, Science Fair, Art Festival, or school programs. A student must have a 70 or above in each subject to participate at the end of the grading period to the event.

If a student should be passing at Progress Report time following a non-passing grade, consideration for participation will be given by the administrator.

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