Drop-Off—Children will be dropped off under the portico on the West side of F.B.C., they will be greeted by a teacher and will walk into the chapel. They will sit in their class row until 8:00 when opening begins. Parents may drive thru and drop off your child or you may choose to park and walk your child to the door. If you choose to park, please make sure that you do not hold up the traffic line! Please have your child exit the car on the passenger side if at all possible to avoid children running around and in-between cars. Please drive slowly and cautiously!

Tardies— If you are late to school, you will need to come to the DCA office to sign your child in. Please do not send them into the building alone. They may not be able to find their classroom by themselves and teachers will not know that the child is present.

Pick-up—Your child will be dismissed from the South end of the building near the DCA office. You may form a line of cars heading south, then turning west around the building to keep the traffic flow going the same direction. Please have your last name paper on your car dash, and pull up to the first available orange cones. If you plan to walk up to get your child, please park away from the building so that teachers have a clear view of the children and the flow of traffic is not impeded. Please make sure that your child’s teacher sees you and dismisses the child before you leave. Teachers will not send them across the parking lot alone.   Please drive slowly and cautiously!

Early Pick-up—If you need to pick up your child early, please let your child’s teacher know ahead of time if possible so that they can gather the child’s belongings and have them ready to go. You will always need to go to the DCA office to sign your child out.

Inclement Weather—When the weather is bad, please listen to KXIT radio, or check your TV to determine if school will be starting late or be cancelled. DCA will also send out a parent alert via RenWeb to all families. DCA will follow Dalhart I.S.D. decisions about weather. If it is raining or snowing when school is dismissed, students will dismiss from the portico on the West side of F.B.C. Please make sure that your child has a coat or jacket on cold days, even if they will not be playing outside.

Backpacks and Folders—Please make sure that your child brings their backpack to school every day. Each child needs a picture book from home to look at during opening each day.   In your child’s folder will be an Honorable Character Chart. Your child will receive a happy stamp for positive behavior; likewise, your child will receive a sad face for naughty behavior. If your child has received a sad face, you will find an explanation on the back of the chart explaining the situation. If you ever have any questions, please free to call the teacher!

Weekly Notes—Your child will bring home all his/her classwork and art projects on Thursday in their folders. Those are yours to keep! You will also receive a weekly note with upcoming events and reminders. This is a great way to keep you informed about your child’s class.

Show and Tell—Your child will have show and tell every Thursday. The purpose of show and tell is to develop language skills. Your child’s teacher may ask that you bring specific items relating to the unit they are working on, a particular color, shape, letter, etc… We welcome “live” show and tells, just please make sure your child’s teacher is aware beforehand so that extra time can be allowed!

P.E.—Your child will go to P.E. every day. Please make sure that your child has appropriate shoes for P.E. Children can’t run easily in slip on shoes, or boots. Children are required to wear non-marking soles on the gym floor. Make sure your child has a jacket or coat when it is chilly or cold because they will be walking across the street to the Roc for P.E. All students will play in P.E. unless we have a note from the parent saying they may not participate due to illness.

Birthday Invitations and Birthdays—You may pass out invitations at school ONLY if you invite the entire class or all the boys or all the girls. If you are not inviting everyone, we will be happy to provide you with addresses and phone numbers so that you can handle that away from school. We love Birthdays in Kinder-Prep and you are encouraged to bring in a birthday treat for snack for your child. You are also welcome to come with your camera and join us!!!

Parties and Field trips—We will have a Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine, and Easter party. You are invited to attend all!!!!!! We will take 3 fieldtrips this year; Pumpkin Patch, Dairy, and Discovery Center in Amarillo. You again are invited and encouraged to attend. We will have a signup sheet, please feel free to sign up to help with as many as you wish!

Snacks—We will have snack time everyday! I will provide you with a snack list and each child will be assigned a week to bring the snacks to share with their friends. You may bring in all the snacks at once on Monday, or you may send them in daily! The choice is YOURS!!! We will have either white or chocolate milk everyday that is provided by the school.

Progress Reports and Conferences—Your child will have an accumulative Progress Report for the school year. You will have a conference after the first 9 weeks and then again at the end of the school year. If you ever have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher.

Testing—Your child will be given the Missouri Kindergarten Inventory of Developmental Skills (K.I.D.S) in March. This standardized test measures readiness for Kindergarten. Results of the test will be given at the parent-teacher conference at the end of the year.

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher or the D.C.A. office. Thank you for sharing your child with us! Have a GREAT year!!!