We are proud to embrace another season of growing a successful crop at our DCA farm. This will be our 4th official harvest season, and we are very grateful for the unique form of income our farm provides for our school.

It is no secret that generosity runs deep in the Dalhart community. We have many individuals, families, and businesses who give their time, finances, and prayers throughout the school year. However, at DCA we get to experience farm owners and business professionals give in ways that are truly unique in comparison to other private schools.

We have two circles that are farmed by a team of individuals, and all proceeds from the yields go directly to support the mission of DCA. We will soon harvest a circle of wheat and a circle of corn. The profits that come in from those yields go directly to support our school.

As with all schools, funding can be scarce. However, thanks to the generosity of members of the agriculture community in and near Dalhart – we have an extra source of support that plays a role in keeping Dalhart Christian Academy running smoothly and holding true to our core traditions.

Thank you to all who gave their time, talent, and resources to the DCA Farm!

We would like to offer a special thanks to the following for their generosity in helping the DCA farm thrive:

  • Brian Beznar/3B Farms
  • Jaimie Garza/G4 Farm
  • Jim Gaddy
  • Bob Bailey/Roworks
  • West Texas Gas
  • JoeDon Henry
  • Clay Waldrip, Clinton Hale/
    Flying W
  • John Quillen
  • Pioneer Seed Company
  • Texoma Co-op/Curtis Copley