Academic Policies


Dalhart Christian Academy provides quality curriculum materials from Christian publishers. Screened and selected secular materials may also be used in some basic skills areas.

Dalhart Christian Academy’s basic curriculum is designed to help each student come to a full realization of his/her potential in God. This curriculum includes basic instruction in character training, Bible, math, reading, spelling, handwriting, social studies, English, and science. Enrichment is added in areas of art, music, physical education, computer literacy, accelerated reader, STEM, and ACSI extra-curricular competitions.

The school will be using curriculums and textbooks, which were written on the premise that all truth comes from God. This curriculum emphasizes phonics, grammar, penmanship, and basic skills in arithmetic.

Grade Reporting

Evaluation of the student’s progress will be made and communicated to parents at the mid-nine week period (progress reports) and at the end of each nine-week period. Questions regarding these reports should be addressed to the teachers involved and conferences arranged as needed. Report cards signed by the parents are to be returned to the school the next class day.

Grading System:

  • A Excellent 90-100
  • B Good 80-89
  • C Average 70-79
  • F Failing Grade 69 and below

Conduct Grading:

  • E – Excellent Good attitude, cooperative, conforms to rules
  • S – Satisfactory Occasional minor infraction of rules
  • N Needs Improvement Makes frequent minor infractions
  • U Unsatisfactory Poor behavior, attitude, uncooperative, disrupts class, does not respect rules


It is our belief that the student’s educational experience may be enhanced by extending the educational experiences of the school. The degree, intensity, and scope of homework activities may increase with each year in school.

All students are expected to do assigned homework. Parents can help their children most by providing a comfortable place where good study conditions prevail. Teachers will ask parents to cooperate by checking assigned work to see that it has been properly completed and by signing homework folders/binders daily. Approximate lengths of time to be spend on homework at each level are as follows:

Grades 1-2 20-40 minutes

Grades 3-5 45-60 minutes

This is a guide. The length of homework is dependent on the amount of “time on task” by the individual student. Students should return homework to school the very next day. If a student does not return his/her homework on the assigned day, our late work policy will be in effect. We believe quality reading time is essential for academic excellence. Independent or family reading time may be assigned as homework.

Late Grading Policy

Papers should not be late. However, in extreme circumstances should a paper not be returned when it is due, 1 day late will be given -10 points, 2 days late -20 points, 3 days late -30 points. Papers later than 3 days will be given a zero. Presentations and projects will not be taken on a late basis. If they are not turned in on the due date, they will receive a zero. Students are required to study for quizzes, tests, memory work, and other written work that often requires 30-40 minutes each evening based on the student’s grade level. This is a valuable tool in your child’s learning process. Please participate and monitor their progress daily.

Make-up Work

When students are absent due to sickness, students will be given 1 day for each day missed to complete work, including weekends and holidays. However, the parent or student is encouraged to secure books and assignments in order to be ready to participate the day the student returns to school. Assignments will be available by the end of the school day to pick up in the office.

For all other absences, it is the responsibility of students and parents to secure books and assignments so they are complete when the student returns to school after being absent. Be aware, the student should also be prepared to complete scheduled tests, projects, etc. when they return to school.

Promotion Policy

To be promoted from one grade level to the next, a student shall attain for the year an overall average of 70 or above for reading, spelling, language, phonics, math, social studies, Bible, and science.


Supplies and textbooks are purchased by the school. Each student will be assessed a book/supply fee to cover these supplies and textbooks for the year. Supplies may not be brought from home unless specified by the teacher. No toys are allowed at school, unless it is for a designated “Show and Tell” day. Textbooks must be replaced by the student if lost or damaged.


In addition to regularly scheduled classroom exams, achievement testing will be administered at a minimum of two times a year.

School Day

Kinder-prep through 8th Grade Mon-Fri 8:00-3:30

Option of Half Day for KP-K Mon-Fri 8:00-12:00

Dalhart Christian Academy will attempt to observe holidays in accordance with Dalhart Public Schools. A DCA calendar will be provided at the beginning of the year.