DCA at a Glance

Dalhart Christian Academy is a Pre-K3 through 8th grade private school, offering a biblically-based curriculum, in a nurturing environment designed to help students excel.

We intentionally keep our class sizes small, creating a very close-knit and family-like community. We seek to hire caring teachers who feel called to our classrooms and passionately help students grow and achieve. While academics are important for any school, our teachers and staff are here to disciple students and invest in their spiritual lives as well. We often say that we are teaching our students’ hearts as much as we are teaching their minds.

Beyond our core instruction, we strive to provide unique enrichment opportunities for advanced learning and personal growth. From athletics to speech competitions, and from coding lessons to musical performances – students are encouraged to find and develop their individual strengths.

Dalhart Christian Academy Mission

Dalhart Christian Academy is committed to expanding God’s kingdom by educating students in a Christian way, through:

  • Building a community that glorifies God
  • Creating a safe and fair environment
  • Modeling Christ
  • Integrating grace and accountability

Providing a Christian Education

A Christian Education is more than adding a Bible class to our schedule or praying to start the day. Instead, our education model seeks to develop a biblical worldview, with scripture as the foundation – thereby giving students a framework with which they can impact the world for the Kingdom.

Our curriculum starts with God at the center, and each subject is taught through a lens of Scripture. Science is the systematic study of God’s created world, while Language Arts is the study of the communication tools God gave us. History is God’s story, while Math reveals God’s order and precision.

This integration is found throughout the school – in each class and each grade. As the academic concepts are mastered, the teacher emphasizes how the Bible guides us in application of academic discipline to real-life situations. All with the ultimate goal of using and applying academic excellence for the glory of God.

In addition to spiritual growth and academic excellence, this worldview is practiced through an emphasis on character development. Our schoolwide discipline system is centered around positive character promotion and based on Christian characteristics found in scripture. In addition to displaying Christ-like character in our school walls, we also encourage students to contribute to our broader community through service opportunities.