3rd Grade

Third grade is a year of many changes for students – and independence and responsibility are our themes for this Grade. Students are taught the subjects of Bible, Science, Heritage Studies, Math, English, Reading, Spelling, and Handwriting.

Third grade Bible integrates doctrine through a chronological and thematic study of the Bible, emphasizing application.  In Science, there are three types of science students learn about; Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science.  Heritage studies focuses on learning about the founding growth of a new nation from a Christian perspective.  Math in third grade focuses on learning algebra readiness, fractions, decimals, and using calculators. It also expands on measurement, problem solving, data, and graphs.

English continues to expand on writing skills, parts of speech and sentence structure – bringing these skills together in a number of writing projects.  Reading works to make each student more confident in fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary.  Cursive is the main focus in handwriting for third grade.

Each third grader also participates in our Accelerated Reading program.

Third Grade is taught by Mrs. Angie Steinkamp – click here to learn more about Mrs. Steinkamp!

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