Policies & Procedures

Second Grade Policies and Procedures

Behavior policy  

1st disruption- name on the board with a grace mark.

2nd disruption- mark on the board/ losses time during recess or an activity.

3rd disruption- mark on the board/ meeting with principle and parents are called.

Late Paper Policy:

All homework is due the next day.  When you are absent, you have 1 day for everyday you were gone to get your missing work completed.  After that time, 1 day late- 10 points off, 2 days late- 20 points off, 3 days- 30 points off. Assignments 4 days late will receive a zero.

Name Missing on Assignments:

The first 2 weeks of school, I give grace for this issue. After the 2 weeks, then it is 5 points off the graded paper. If it continues for several more weeks then it will be 10 points off the graded paper.

AR Reading:

AR testing is a little different in 2nd grade. I want the students to practice some independence and responsibility, of course with some monitored guidance.  Unlike first grade, your child may take AR quizzes without a parent signing off for them. If they read a book during the day and feel they are ready to test, then I will let them have the opportunity to take the test. I generally

make them read it twice, especially if it is a smaller book. If you do not want your child to have this freedom, then send a note and I won’t let them test.  Also, if the parents or I see a decline in their test scores, then it will be mandatory for that student to get signed off before each AR test. After awhile the privilege of taking tests independently may be instated.

Spelling Tests:

Every Thursday we will have a practice spelling test. If your student makes a 100, then they do not have to retake the test on Friday.

Water Bottles:

Your student is allowed to have a water bottle in my class.  I only allow water, no Gatorade, colored drinks or flavored water. The bottles are to stay on the floor beside their desk. If it becomes a problem, then they will be asked to leave it at home.

Homework folders:

Your child will need to have their homework folder, AR folder, AR book and any due assignments every day.  They will have a new homework sheet including their

bible verse handed out every Monday.  Please check and sign their assignment sheets every day. Any homework, parent notes or upcoming events will always be in their folder. Please check it daily.

Snacks for Birthday Parties:

If you would like to bring snacks for your child’s birthday, you may do so on Fridays at 2:45. Please send a note the day before so I can make sure that we will be in class during that time.

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